The danger of the 21st century.(written on February 2014)

Have you ever missed your childhood? What was it like? Lots of fun, going out with your family,exploring the surrounding and meeting with neighbours. Fighting with your brothers, arguing with your parents. Those little details are the spices you add to your food, that gives each childhood its own taste.
What about the new generation? Do they also have different childhood flavours or is it now tasteless? The digital revolution in the 21st century introduced the first generation of smart phones, i pads and other devices. Living with computers and information technology has become an integral aspects of our lives. It has a great impact on today’s children.
Back the parents tended to spend more time with their kids, having fun together and above all having meaningful conversations. The type of talk and advice that you don’t pay attention to all the time. But it’s always there hiding at the very dark room in your mind. Waiting for your signal. When you feel trapped and need honest advice, it’ll show up like heroes coming for your rescue.
Listening and talking are essential tools for learning, building characters and creating relationships. In other words there used to be a good family quality time.
Now, it seems children in particular are doing well on their own. They can spend the whole day playing on an i-pad, play station, x-box.. etc. they don’t even need your help to set a playing date, they just do it on-line. Playing and chatting with others whether they know or not. Isn’t that scary? Unfortunately some parents get the wrong idea. They think kids benefit more, they encourage them to accesses tablets computer for several hours a day.Children as young as four are becoming so addicted to smartphones and i pads. It’s like having a free babysitter at home. Allow parents to feel less guilty when they made the choice to be absent, investing more time at work or with their friends. In other words no more good family quality time.
Now, it’s time to ask yourself a crucial question, is it too late to start a new chapter of your life? Is it too late to mend your mistakes?
No, it’s never too late to have a second chance and you don’t need a time machine to erase your mistakes. Your willingness to admit them can be a mend-tools to fix and improve your life. That,in no way, means that it’s only your responsibility. It’s a collective work, everyone needs to participate, do his part and finally you all will be able to redesign your life.
Don’t you agree with me?


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