A bird in a cage (March 2014)

Run as fast as you can, run as far as you want, run as long as you wish. Feel the lightness in your body, how determined and energetic you are.
Is that all? No of course not. This is the best way to set yourself free from any boundaries.
Now stop. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Do you know where are you? At the forest trying to find your own way amid those old wooden creatures, or at the desert printing your footsteps on the golden sand, holding your water flask to quench your thirst, but still can’t get rid of the salty taste on your lips. Maybe you are at the beach, the waves chasing each other, tickling your foot and up in the sky, the sun is dressed in red ready to dive in the wavy blue sea.
Now open your eyes. It’s a bit darker and smelly.Oh my goodness, Look at yourself, you are restrained in leg -irons and handcuffed. You can’t get up, you can’t walk and definitely you can’t run anymore. This can’t be true to lose your freedom because of your skin colour. To be discriminated for something you have no hand in. You didn’t decide neither the place nor the time of your birth. You didn’t choose your gender or how you look. Who gives them the right to treat you differently, to prejudge you before you speak, to be blind to see your rights and deaf to hear your screams. Is this the end to be a bird in a cage? Week and helpless!
Listen to me. You can’t accept that. You need to fight back. They’re the criminals not you. They are the ones who should be behind the bars not you. You need to win your freedom,unlock the cage and fly.
Fly as fast as you can, fly as far as you want, fly as long as you wish.
The sky is the limit, do you hear me the sky is the limit.


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