Dark Chocolate (May 2014)

Do you love dark chocolate? How do you feel when the sweet taste melts in your mouth? When you finish your last piece and start licking your lips.
Do you know what upset me the most? When human beings are seen as coloured objects, when I try to fill in Ethnicity form. I utterly get puzzled and lost, asking myself which box I need to tick? White, black, white African or mix of white and black African. My hands hesitate until my eyes spot the word Others. I tick the box as I’m some kind of alien.
I don’t like to use the words black or white. I believe that Adam is the father of all mankind. All of us descended from the same father. So, who should be blamed? What’s wrong to have a lighter or darker skin?
I also learned from my Islamic background that the best companions of our Prophet Mohammed had dark skin. Their gallantry, pride and greatness obliged me to honour and be grateful for what they did. I admire them so much that I become a sharp- eyed observer who can penetrat the skin layer and reach humans’ core.
Scientifically skin is the thin layer of tissue forming the natural outer covering of the body of a person or animal. It protects everything inside your body. We tend to cover our skin with layers of clothes in different colour and styles; red shirt, blue dress, white coat or yellow scarf, that reflect our mood, identity/ culture or sometimes our religious.
So, let me just pause and aske you. Do we have the right to discriminate between humans because they wear black or white shirt? Do we have the right to discriminate between humans because they have white or black hair?
Does it really matter what colour is the chocolate?


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