Seasoning your life (July 2014)

Spring, summer, autumn and winter are the four seasons of the year. Each one has it’s own nature, characterized by particular conditions of weather, flowers, food, clothes and colours. Each season has an impact on our mood to a certain degree. The sad news is that we can’t enjoy them all at the same time. They only show up for a few months.

Infancy/childhood, adolescence, adulthood and aging are the four seasons of life. Each one has its own flavour, characterized by age, new skills, abilities, experiences, emotions and needs. They only show up for a number of years.
We start our life with the infancy and childhood season then as we grow up we move forward exploring new seasons.
I can easily watch the seasons of my life when I open my treasure box, my photo album. It is in cream colour engraved with golden and silver flowers. The profile picture is for my wedding day. A new chapter in my life with new responsibilities that I now share with my partner. Sometimes, I remember special songs that bring certain pictures alive and capture my mood as it was at the time.
This is my first picture holding my mom’s hand learning how to walk. Here, I’m waving good-bye to my parents on my first day to school wearing red shirt and blue skirt, feeling worried and confused just about to cry. Oh, look another photo with my younger brother, he was nine with a broken arm. My mom was serving him lunch, pasta is his favourite plate. And in that one I was a grumpy fifteen year old girl. Unfortunately  or maybe fortunately I can’t remember what was upsetting me. Hmmm! What was that all about? All I can remember now how stubborn I was, determined to make my own decisions without accepting any advice or help. Another moment was captured three years ago. I was attending a workshop with my colleagues to discuss the difficulties we had faced in our last project. Here we were, setting new strategies and declaring new commitments and I’ve a big smile on my face. Finally, here is the last photo of my beloved grandfather. I am holding his arm as we stroll in the garden. He was laughing on my jokes.

So many special moments all kept in one album. Did you miss any season? Have you ever thought of having the four seasons at the same time? Can that be possible?

– Can I act as a young child and start to learn new skills for the first time of my life, without feeling shy or vulnerable, able to ask for help and trust others?
– Can I act as an adolescent, be stubborn, think about my needs and decide the best for my well-being, not allowing others to intervene in my life?
– Can I act as an adult, take on new responsibilities, make promises that change my life and be able to steer in the right direction, acting effectively in my community, be open to listen and respect different perspectives?
-Can I act as an old man, so that when I’m feeling vulnerable I can lean on others, giving them the chance to show me their love and support?
If I have the right to answer I would say “absolutely  yes” I can season my life.
We tend to focus about the notion of being independent and hiding our feelings to feel stronger. But we forget to observe and acknowledge people in our life. What role they would like to play? How big or small they would like to appear in our photo album?
Think about it for a few minutes. We all face challenges and difficulties in our personal and professional life, that bring one of the four seasons to the front page. The only thing we don’t accept is to observe which season we need to call? To get the right outcomes!!!


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