A ship in a bottle.8/02/2014

A ship in a bottle or a message in a bottle! Would I ever know the answer? Can it be revealed one day? As I walk through the hall, I lay my eyes on this piece of art. I still remember that cold, rainy day as if it was yesterday.

I went out with my friends Rose and Clare. The latter wanted to buy a souvenir for her fiancée. We decided to go to the Antique Market and once we entered the market, I saw this old lady. She was busy organizing her antiques to display them on a wooden table covered with a yellow and red table cloth. At this moment my eyes caught up a glass bottle she was getting out of the bag.I forgot all about my friends and directly went to her. I started to examine the ship in a bottle and I couldn’t resist it. She looked at me and said in a deep warm voice,”It was found hundreds years ago, at the Caribbean Island.” She continued “I always had a strong feeling that there was a mysterious story behind it, but who knows?”She smiled to me and started to wrap it.

I went home that day and sat beside the fireplace. I unwrapped the bottle. For me it wasn’t only a ship in a bottle, but it was more. The wooden ship was carved with tiny inscription from one side. I hurried back with my magnifying glass. It was written,”To my beloved Rose, I ask for your forgiveness, I would never wish to cause you any more pain. I’ll sail tomorrow and never come back unless I achieved a great success in my expedition, yours R Collins 15 March 1790.”
What expedition was he talking about and what pain he caused her before he left. Had he ever returned back?Were those couple reunited again?
Oh, too many questions and so few answers.


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